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Florida State Could Join Expanded Big 10 Sooner Than Later

Florida State could join the expanded Big 10 sooner than later according to Florida State athletic director Michael Alford. While speaking recently to FSU Alumni and Boosters at an event in Chicago, Alford hinted he may be in the area a lot more beginning this summer. It should be noted that the Big 10 offices were just a few miles away in Rosemont, Illinois.

Florida State and Clemson are embroiled in separate lawsuits attempting to extract themselves from the ACC so they can join more lucrative conferences like the Big 10 or SEC. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake and everything hinges on these court cases. Or a settlement could be in the works. Stay tuned!

Last week we updated everyone on the Wisconsin football quarterback situation. We have an update as a front runner seems to be emerging. Offensive coordinator Phil Longo says the situation will play itself out.

Size matters so we will compare spring football attendance between a handful of Big 10 schools. Who came out on top? Everything is competitive!

Finally, we have some great transfer portal news for the Michigan Wolverines basketball team. Dusty May and his team keep getting better and better. We will fill you in.

And we enjoy another round of Tuesday Tweets on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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