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EXPANSION: Would Texas A&M Come to Big 10?

Keep an eye on Texas A&M. Some think they may leave the SEC just as their old rival Texas Longhorns join. Would the Aggies come to the Big 10? Some think there could be mutual interest some day. Certainly the Big 10 would love a footprint inside the state of Texas.

So what is causing this topic of conversation? Well, we are watching the ACC closely and we feel that conference will blow up. If it does, expect a bidding war between the Big 10 and ACC for North Carolina and Virginia to take place. Depending on the results of that situation, eyes may fall on Texas A&M to move to the Big 10 or maybe return to the Big 12. Another option for the Aggies is to remain where they are. Expansion talk is crazy.

We also look at Michigan football’s plan for offensive coordinator under Sherrone Moore and we ask if Mike Vrable would spend a year as a coaching analyst at Wisconsin or Ohio State. Interesting!

Iowa’s Caitlin Clark continues her march toward the NCAA scoring mark with a game tonight and we have our weekly Big 10 Power Rankings for Men’s basketball.

It’s all right here on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon!
0:00 ACC; SEC; FSU update
11:30 Mike Vrable – would he consider a coaching analyst job in the Big 10?
16:35 Men’s basketball game schedule tonight
17:00 Women’s basketball schedule & Caitlin Clark march to milestones!
20:40 Power Rankings for men’s basketball
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