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Clemson Lawsuit vs ACC Means Big 10 Expansion Soon?

Clemson, like Florida State, is trying to sue its way out of the ACC. Does this mean Big Ten expansion will be sooner than later? We think so. The Clemson lawsuit filed this week against the ACC and its Grant of Rights Media deal, says the $130,000,000 contract buyout is ridiculous and unfair and they want out of the conference. Florida State filed a similar lawsuit in December. Now that the two most valuable schools in the ACC want out, what is next? We think if the FSU and Clemson lawsuits win, the game of musical chairs and conference alignment will be in full force again. The Big 10 will be a prime and desirable landing spot for most of the ACC teams when the conference implodes. The question remains: Which teams will go to the Big 10 and which teams will jump to the SEC?

We also have a lot of news around the Ohio State Buckeyes. First of all, recently fired basketball coach Chris Holtmann explains what went wrong with his basketball team and we are not buying the answer.

Also, the Ohio State football team is interviewing running backs coaches and former Buckeyes linebacker Mike Vrable will be in Ohio for a while. Does his presence turn up the hot seat for Ryan Day? We will explain.

Finally, Michigan State football announced the departure of three players as spring football gets under way. And we will post our final Big 10 men’s basketball power rankings for 2023-24 here on Locked on Big 10! Tell your friends about us!

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