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Impressed with your show above and beyond normal stuff! Really cool sir..

…BTW, I watch (and ‘like’) your pod first thing every morning–my wife grumbles about having to be silent for that 1/2 hour of the day. What can I say? Gotta have priorities in life, and 1st things come 1st. Keep up the good work

Craig, keep up the great work and I’m glad to be part of this conference. I’m getting excited for next season. It’s a great day to be a DUCK 🦆

Great show, just subscribed tonight & following on Twitter/X as well. I am a Penn State fan myself & really enjoy everything about the BigTen & where it’s going in the future. Happy New Year to You!!!

Craig, I’ve watched a few of your shows now over the past week and have been enjoying your analysis and commentary. Can’t wait for Big10 football next season, Go Huskies! Keep up the good work, cheers from Seattle!!!

I finally subscribed because I realized I watch and comment a few times a week because of the quality content. Great job covering the conference!

You know what, I am finally subscribing and receiving alarms from this channel because I really appreciate the host’s radio broadcast style and objective content–this is not due to the current subject matter but the overall product.

I like your coverage of the B1G.

Well organized and presented. I sure hope you’ll be hosting this channel next season, when the four Pac-12 teams enter the Big 10. You do an excellent job.

@TalkBig10  is one of the most informative & best college football media personalities around. I learn a lot around the country & about the @B1Gfootball.  Make sure to tune in & stay up to date.

Great show!! Thanks for the show. Keep up the good work. Doing this every weekday takes a lot of prep. Best Wishes from Oregon.

Craig, as a seasoned broadcaster, I wanted you to know I enjoy your show. Very professional. Looking forward to you hosting the Ducks in the Big 10 next season. Keep up the good work.


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