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College Football Super Conference Gaining Momentum

A college football Super Conference idea is gaining momentum but it is nothing like anything you have imagined before. The idea would also blow up the Big Ten as we know it.

One thing is for certain; with Name Image and Likeness and Transfer Portal traffic and billions and billions of TV dollars floating around, there are many “experts” that are certain college football cannot maintain its current hectic pace and survive as-is.


At Locked on Big 10, we do think more change is coming to college football and our Conference. But we have always predicted a reasonable path to some sort of Super Conference or Super Conferences alignment. To some extent it is inevitable. But some of these ideas from others are crazy. And the people that cannot make up their minds on how to execute a 12 team playoff format vs a 14 team playoff format are the ones planning the future of college football. Maybe we need to volunteer our services to be the Commissioner or Czar of college football.

Also, since college basketball is over we need to turn our attention to college football. Spring football games begin this weekend and we need to keep our eyes on some developing storylines.

With the WNBA Draft coming next week, we were wondering if Iowa basketball player Caitlin Clark has looked into Ice Cube’s 5 million dollar offer to play in his 3 on 3 basketball league.

And finally, US News and World Report has ranked the best academic schools in the country. How did your favorite Big 10 school fare? It’s all here on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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