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ACC Lawsuits: Court Room Drama Affects Big 10 Expansion

Big Ten expansion is never far from our college football thoughts and there are two simultaneous court cases taking place between Florida State and the ACC. They are suing each other regarding the ACC and their media grant of TV rights deal. Florida State wants out of the deal and the ACC wants to enforce it. Whatever happens during these ACC lawsuits will directly affect the future of college football and future Big 10 expansion. We will explain where we are in these two cases.

The Ohio State football quarterback room is crowded. Too crowded. Expect one of Ohio State’s 5 quarterbacks to hit the transfer portal when it opens next week.

Iowa defensive back and special teams legend Cooper DeJean held a pro day workout for NFL teams and he crushed it! Due to a leg injury, he missed the Big 10 championship and the Combine workouts in Indianapolis. In fact, he was just cleared to work out at full speed two weeks ago. He probably made himself some money by moving up the draft board!

We have the latest college basketball transfer portal news regarding the Illinois Fighting Illini and the Purdue Boilermakers, fresh off of their NCAA national championship game loss to UConn.

Plus we look ahead to the weekend with Big 10 Classics and Live Action on the Big 10 network on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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