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Will Sherrone Moore Keep Winning Championships at Michigan?

Sherrone Moore is the new head coach for the Michigan Wolverines. He gets promoted after the expected departure of Jim Harbaugh who took the Los Angeles Chargers head coaching job last week. Moore has been on the Michigan football staff during their recent incredible ride to the top of the college football world. Sherrone Moore should allow the Michigan football program to maintain stability with its staff, current players and recruits.

But here’s the big question: Repeating with a back to back undefeated national championship season is unrealistic, so what will success look like in 2024? How will we define that success? There may be many versions of the answer to that question and we feel like we have an answer. Let us know your answer on X or YouTube or our website TalkBig10.com.

We also catch up on some Big 10 news from the weekend and take a closer look at Northwestern’s win over Ohio State in men’s basketball.

Also, Caitlin Clark had another huge stat line in the Lady Hawkeyes weekend win.

Finally, we close things out with our Top Ten Big Ten observations from the weekend around the conference. Did your favorites make our list? It’s all here on locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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