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Revenue Sharing to Force Notre Dame to Big Ten

Notre Dame football will no longer be able to remain a college football Independent once a settlement is reached in the House vs NCAA antitrust lawsuit. The fruit of this suit will start the unprecedented era of revenue sharing among major athletic departments and its student athletes.

While Notre Dame receives substantial revenue from NBC for its football broadcast rights and media rights money from the ACC for its non-football sports, there will not be enough money for them to survive once each major school is forced to shell out 30 million dollars a year for the next 10 years as part of a revenue share settlement.

Joining a major conference like the Big Ten with much higher TV revenues will be Notre Dame’s only business model for survival. Surely we will get hate mail from the Golden Domers who insist Notre Dame will be an Independent until the end of time. But the times in college football are changing too fast. Adapt or die.

We also bounce around transfer portal news by checking in at Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State and Northwestern. There are some interesting developments there.

And if you want to see Oregon football at home this year you’d better act fast. Tickets are just about sold out with the excitement of the Ducks joining the Big Ten.

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