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Will Iowa Football Coach Kirk Ferentz Retire like Lisa Bluder?

Will Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz retire soon? We were not sure but when Hawkeyes women’s coach Lisa Bluder stepped down after 24 seasons, we thought we would reconsider Ferentz and his future as it relates to college football.

Coach Ferentz is 68 years old and is going into his 26th season in charge of Iowa football. The school just fired his son and there is a new athletic director in place. Add the frustrations of Name, Image and Likeness and constant transfer portal issues, maybe the winds of change will blow in Ferentz’s direction after the 2024 season. We will explore the pros and cons and see if new offensive coordinator Tim Lester is part of a transition plan at Iowa football.

It could be Déjà vu with Ohio State football in 2024. Last year Ryan Day oversaw a quarterback competition that lasted two weeks into the season. This year he has 5 more quarterbacks fighting for the job and Day insists he wants this issue sorted out sooner than later. We have some thoughts on it.

We have several more college football transfer portal news items and some hoops news as well.

Finally we take our first look into weekend programming at the Big Ten Network with Big Ten Classics and Live Action on the grid! It is all here with Craig Shemon on Locked on Big 10.

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