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Power 4 Athletic Director Predicts Bottom Big Ten Schools Expelled

Will the Big Ten expel any lower tier schools like Northwestern, Purdue, Indiana or Rutgers? Big 12 Athletic Director Jaimie Pollard from Iowa State says yes! He feels the TV networks that are paying the Big Ten conference billions of dollars will want more competitive college football games and more ratings and revenue.

We do not think Pollard is way off in his thinking about the bottom Big Ten schools expelled, but we don’t think the lower performing teams have anything to worry about. We will explain why. However, we’ll tell you which teams DO need to worry about being left out as the Super Conferences continue to grow.

We have all heard of quarterback controversies. But do we have a running back controversy inside of Ohio State football? You might think so but it sounds like Ryan Day has peace inside his running backs room. Plus we list several benefits to having multiple starting running backs on hand.

Kel’el Ware had an awesome year at Indiana this season and he is quickly moving up the mock drafts ahead of next month’s NBA draft. He explains how coach Mike Woodson and company are responsible for his rise.

And we report that Ohio State fired its softball coach Kelly Kovach Schoenly after 12 seasons.

Then we list our mid-week Power Rankings as we name which Big Ten college football schools lost the most players in the transfer portal. Don’t worry. It is not all bad. But it is right here on Locked on Big Ten with Craig Shemon.

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