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REALIGNMENT CONFUSION: PAC 12 Teams Homeless for Now

As the sun set on the Pac 12 this weekend and as we get ready for Big Ten college football, let us clear up some realignment confusion. With the Oregon, Washington, USC and UCLA flight from the Pac 12 they still are not quite in the Big Ten – yet. They will be homeless for about a month. Their official start date as full members of the Big Ten Conference begins August 2nd.

Until then we look at where each of the four Pac 12 football teams are in their realignment journey to join the Big Ten. Oregon and USC look ready out of the box. Washington is a complete mystery and UCLA has some work to do. We will look at each of them and the most difficult game on each of their college football schedules.

Recruiting is crazy. Keeping up with it is a full time job. We will have updates from Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan and UCLA just to name a few. There are a lot of wins and losses on the board. Tune in for the latest.

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