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EXPANSION: Maryland Terps Roadmap for New Big Ten Teams

The Maryland Terps joined the Big Ten 10 years ago this week. Can Oregon, Washington, USC and UCLA learn from their example as they navigate the new world of college football once they join the conference next month?

The Maryland Terps took the long road to respectability as Mike Locksley has just posted back-to-back 8-win seasons. Oregon and USC may scoff at the Maryland 10-year-plan. The Ducks and Trojans want to take the Big Ten by storm right away in the 2024 college football season. Washington is an unknown fresh off its national championship appearance and UCLA may be on a Maryland-type trajectory.

Meanwhile Big Ten teams are all in on recruiting we will have the latest news out of Michigan as they try to land a trio of offensive players. And Oregon and USC try to go after some big, big offensive lineman. Plus the Ducks get another 5-star player. Oregon has a national top 5 class of recruits for 2025.

Plus it is midweek so it is time for our Power Rankings. Look, we all know Michigan vs Ohio State is the best rivalry in the Big Ten and the country for that matter. But with the addition of 4 new west coast teams they bring their rivalries with them. So we’ll look at a recent Power Ranking of the top Big Ten college football rivalries and whether we agree or disagree with the list on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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