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Ohio State Buckeyes QB Room Best in Conference; Caitlin Clark

Ohio State Buckeyes QB room: In less than a month Ohio State football coach Ryan Day has taken a troublesome quarterback room to an awesome quarterback room! Following Kyle McCord’s departure and a disappointing Cotton Bowl performance vs Missouri by Devin Brown and Lincoln Kienholz, Day needed a quick upgrade at Qb1. He made sure incoming 5-star freshman Air Noland was still good to arrive.

Then he checked the transfer portal and got Kansas State veteran Will Howard to come to Columbus. And, finally, after signing Bill O’Brien as the new offensive coordinator, former 5-star Alabama recruit Julian Sayin bailed on the Crimson Tide and announced he’s coming to Columbus. Wow! Just like that, Ryan Day and the Ohio State Buckeyes are loaded at quarterback. We will give you our opinion on the Ohio State Buckeyes QB situation and look forward to hearing yours!

Plus Lady Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark is fine after getting knocked over by a fan at Ohio State Sunday. She just celebrated a birthday and she is on top of the women’s basketball world, pro or college! Do yourself a favor and watch her while you can!

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