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Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh Leveraged EVERYBODY!

This is Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh’s world and we are all just living in it. He created great financial leverage with the Michigan Wolverines, the Los Angeles Chargers and, to some extent, the Atlanta Falcons. Word is Harbaugh is on his way to LA for a second interview with the Chargers and Mrs. Harbaugh is making this trip with him. That’s a good sign Harbaugh is about to become the Chargers head coach to the tune of a reported 18 million dollars a year.

What is Michigan’s game plan if and when Harbaugh announces he is taking the Chargers job? The Wolverines have a plan in place they think will minimize a good portion of the staff bolting with Harbaugh, and to keep continuity in place so Michigan football players don’t leave in the transfer portal.

It’s never too early to discuss Big 10 football schedules and two league teams have made changes to their schedules.

And the Big 10 made an announcement following this weekend’s incident where a fan rushed the court and knocked down Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark after the Buckeyes overtime win. We will explain all of it.

Plus, it’s mid-week so we have our latest Big 10 Men’s basketball Power Rankings. It’s all on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon!

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