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Win Totals for 2024 Big 10 Football Season; Buckeyes vs Ducks Championship

According to FAN DUEL, The Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Ducks will face each other for the 2024 Big 10 Football Championship in December since they have the highest projected win totals. We list every Big 10 team and their projected win total and analyze each one (Yes, all eighteen teams!). Find out where the defending champion Michigan Wolverines fall on the list. Does Penn State ever exceed its usual 10 wins? Will James Franklin ever break out to the top? What’s the over/under on the Iowa Hawkeyes win total? Our creed is to always bet the over on Iowa win totals. Always bet the under on Iowa point totals! Got it? How about the newcomers in addition to the Oregon Ducks? Where do the Washington Huskies, USC Trojans, and UCLA Bruins fall on the list? It’s all right here.

Plus, it’s midweek so it’s time for our weekly update on our men’s basketball Power Rankings. Where is your team on this list? The regular season is winding down. Each team is running out of games to cement its resume for the March Madness selection committee and punch its ticket to the NCAA tournament. And, let’s not forget seeding for the Big 10 Tournament is at stake as well. Check it all out right here on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon!
0:00 Fan Duel – all 18 teams win total projections!
19:45 Top 2 teams according to Fan Duel
24:08 Big Ten Top 10 Men’s basketball Power Rankings
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