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Will UCLA Coach Chip Kelly be Around for Big 10 Play?

It seems like UCLA Bruins coach Chip Kelly doesn’t want to remain as the team’s head coach. He has interviewed for multiple NFL offensive coordinator jobs. Does that mean he is actively trying to get away? Is he tired of dealing with transfer portals and Name, Image and Likeness issues? We are not sure. So we must wonder if Chip Kelly will be around when the UCLA Bruins officially jump to the Big 10.
EDITED: After recording this podcast, breaking news that Chip Kelly will become the new Offensive Coordinator at Ohio State, replacing Bill O’Brien who will take the Boston College job instead.

Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark inched closer to the NCAA Women’s all-time scoring mark with Thursday’s win over Penn State. She could break the record Sunday at Nebraska. However, we selfishly hope she breaks the record at home next week, and NOT on Super Bowl Sunday. We’d like to see her get as much press as possible! But we are rooting for her either way!

Back to football. It appears Wink Martindale will be the new defensive coordinator for the Michigan Wolverines.


Also, we’ve been talking about the future of college athletics since the Big 10 and SEC announced their recent partnership to explore the path forward in the NCAA world. The SEC Commissioner says this pairing is meant to advise the NCAA not ignore it. Do you believe that? We are not so sure.

And at the end of the week we always make our predictions for Big 10 basketball. Plus today we will add a bonus Super Bowl pick. It’s all coming up here on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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