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Michigan State Spartans Coach Jonathan Smith Great Start!

New Michigan State Spartans football coach Jonathan Smith has only been on the job since November 25th but he is off to a great start in his efforts to rebuild the Michigan State football program.

Coach Jonathan Smith quickly introduced himself to dozens of high school football coaches within a four hour drive of the university, kept key Spartans recruits and brought in a few he had pegged from his previous destination at Oregon State. Plus he got former Beavers quarterback Aiden Chiles to follow him to East Lansing. He’s added a few other transfer portal players too. In all, Smith hit the ground running the moment he arrived in the state of Michigan.

Plus, we have a great story about the extreme efforts Nebraska Huskers coach Matt Rhule and his staff took to flip 5-star quarterback Dylan Raiola from the Georgia Bulldogs. And they did it right under Kirby Smart’s nose!

We will look at some Big 10 basketball and peak ahead to the Big 10 Network’s Classics and Live Action this Christmas weekend!

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