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Michigan Football Coach Sherrone Moore Ready for the Gig?

Is Michigan football coach Sherrone Moore ready to take on the big boys of college football as the first year head coach of the Wolverines? Heck Yes! It is true he has not been a head coach anywhere else except when he filled in for a suspended Jim Harbaugh? It is true he was not originally a “Michigan Man?” Yes. And Yes. But by all accounts he has been deemed worthy to be called a Michigan Man by none other than Jim Harbaugh.

Moore provides some continuity in a year in which Harbaugh left for the Chargers gig and took 9 coaches and staffers with him. The team also lost almost 20 players to the NFL draft. But those that remain are good and ready to step up and take their turn under Sherrone Moore, a coach they have already given their sweat equity to. This team probably won’t go undefeated but they may be in the mix at the end if they get their quarterback situation right. Look out college football!

In a follow up to our Big Ten – SEC Super Conference talk yesterday, the Big 12 commissioner said his conference is stronger than ever. Uh, he realizes Texas and Oklahoma are gone, right?

Hey Penn State football fans! Is the annual White Out at Beaver Stadium going to be your home date vs Illinois in September? We will explore that possibility although we’d prefer another opponent. Find out who!

After the latest college football – Big Ten recruiting news we have our weekly Tuesday Tweets segment. They are all great. Tune in and catch them here on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon!

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