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Penn State Football Makes College Playoffs if Drew Allar Improves

Penn State football will make the college football playoffs if quarterback Drew Allar improves from 2023. It is time for him to live up to his 5-star billing. His 25 touchdown – 2 interception ratio was great last year. The problem is he would not or could not throw deep and stretch the defense. Allar may not have taken chances because of overbearing coaching. Or he may not have been able to go long because Penn State football did not have a speedy game breaking wide receiver.

Could 2024 be different for Penn State football? James Franklin hired a new offensive coordinator who loves motion and multiple formations and that may help Allar read the defense better. Going into his second season as a starter in Happy Valley Allar needs to take an aggressive step forward.

There is another blessing that will help Penn State. They don’t play Michigan this college football season. Back to back 10-2 seasons were great. But the two losses always came at the hands of Michigan and Ohio State. Plus, with a 12 team expanded playoffs, another 10-2 season gets them into the tournament. We will break down the Nittany Lions 2024 college football schedule and predict how things will shake out in the Big Ten!

We also have the latest recruiting news but it is not all good for James Franklin and Penn State.

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Finally, we post our midweek Power Rankings. Since we talked so much about Penn State football today and they happen to have a great running back tandem, we decided to rank Big Ten running backs on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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