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Caitlin Clark Snubbed by Team USA; Reminiscent of MJ vs Isiah

Team USA Basketball snubbed ex-Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark and reportedly omitted her from the Olympic basketball team roster. The Olympics are this summer in Paris. Why would you leave the most popular player on earth off of the team? This is one of the dumbest moves in the history of the Olympics! We will tell you why right here.

The WNBA old guard doesn’t like the attention the Indiana Fever rookie is getting these days. They feel they need to keep her in her place for now. They feel like they need to show her who is boss. It is very similar to the 1992 Men’s Dream Team when Michael Jordan did not want Isiah Thomas on the roster. The two had a heated rivalry on the court and disliked each other.

The problem with the WNBA old guard is that nobody watched them on TV. Nobody went to their games. And nobody bought their merchandise. Caitlin Clark singlehanded changed all of that in less than a month.

The USA basketball selection committee is making a grave mistake by leaving Clark off of the team. The official roster may be announced Tuesday. Hopefully all of the outcry will wake them up and they will correct this mistake.

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