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What is Happening Inside Buckeyes Quarterback Room?

The Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback room is the deepest in the Big Ten and possibly college football. So what is going on? 5 star freshman QB Air Noland reportedly left the program briefly. Or just left campus. Did the Buckeye’s Quarterback room get too crowded? Did he consider transferring elsewhere? Was he homesick? What ever the reason for his departure he is back in Columbus now.

Noland’s father says he received 45 phone calls from people wondering what was going on. He also said there is nothing to see here. There is nothing to say. His son is back on campus and everything is cool.

We have more Big Ten college football recruiting news. Things are heating up. Penn State lost another target. We will tell you who. But former QB Trace McSorley was in Happy Valley working with QB’s.

There is some good news at Michigan State and Wisconsin. And have you been paying attention to Rutgers football? Greg Schiano locked up another 4 star recruit. Rutgers class of 2025 is top 5 right now and college football is noticing.

Finally, we look ahead to the weekend and Big Ten Classics on the Big Ten Network. Stay out of the heat this Father’s Day weekend and relive some of your favorite Big Ten sporting events. It is all here on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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