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Washington Huskies’ Early Taste of Big 10 vs Michigan Wolverines

The Washington Huskies face the Michigan Wolverines in the College Football National Championship Game Monday night. Win or lose, Huskies coach Kalen DeBoer will get a peak into what their future will be like as they are set to join the Big 10 this summer. Obviously Monday is a national championship game. A few months from now, the Washington Huskies vs Michigan Wolverines game will be an average Saturday afternoon in the Big 10. That future Michigan football team may or may not have coach Jim Harbaugh at the helm, but the week to week gauntlet of opponents will be difficult for every team.

We’ll discuss how Washington football, along with Oregon, USC, and UCLA will fare in the defensive dominate conference. We would love your take as well.

We also have an injury update on Huskies running back Dillon Johnson.

Plus there may be some much needed good news for the Ohio State Buckeyes as they are busy getting ready for 2024.

There are some key Big 10 basketball matchups this weekend and we will close with our official pick for Monday night’s Washington vs Michigan showdown.

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