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Transfer Portal MORE Important Than Recruiting High School

We have crossed the threshold where a college football coach’s success maneuvering kids in and out of the transfer portal is more important than landing big time recruits out of high school.

Kids from the portal can play right away and help a team immediately. The latest 18 year old 4-star recruit usually needs a couple of years to develop physically and mentally enough to get on the field.

Plus coaches are under pressure to win right away. Gone are the days of hiring a new coach, giving him a five year contract, and allowing him a three to four year honeymoon to see if his recruits panned out.

It has yet to be determined if an entire roster overhaul will pay immediate dividends. Deion Sanders at Colorado is the most notable example. But he’s not the only one. Watch what is about to happen at Michigan State and Indiana. With new coaches in place there will be drastic overhauls to their rosters. And these new coaches don’t have the luxury of time to develop a local 3-star recruit.

We will take a look at each Big 10 football team’s needs in the portal.

We will also look at a huge slate of Big 10 men’s and women’s basketball this weekend. The biggest game features #1 Arizona vs #3 Purdue at Indianapolis.

Plus, it’s time to switch from PigSkin Picks to Hoops Picks!
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