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Nebraska and Penn State are Scaling Back Stadium Renovations?

Why are Nebraska and Penn State scaling back massive football stadium renovations? Are Big Ten schools running out of money? That seems unlikely because yesterday we learned the Big Ten Conference earned $880 million dollars in FY 2023. And that was before their massive new TV deals kicked in? So what’s the problem?

Well, for starters, each school is going to kick in 20-30 million dollars a year for the next decade from the House vs NCAA lawsuit settlement. That’s right! As we have claimed many times on Locked on Big 10, college football and college athletics in general is about to get kicked in the rear to the tune of several billions of dollars. Older, outdated stadiums like Nebraska and Penn State may have to do for a while. Click here as we discuss this further.

Connor Stalions, the accused mastermind behind the Michigan football Spygate scandal, is in the news again. That is because Michigan State Athletic Director Alan Haller is upset with the NCAA and Central Michigan because he has yet to hear from either of them as to if that was Stalions on the sideline of the season opener between CMU vs MSU, and, if so, why he was permitted to be there.

Plus get ready for the Big Ten Baseball Tournament this week as it starts today and we close out with out fun weekly Tuesday Tweets segment. It is all right here at your fingertips on Locked on Big 10 with Craig Shemon.

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