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Can Big Ten Remove Underperforming Football Schools?

Would the Big Ten ever cast aside its underperforming football schools? Everything regarding college sports has been about expansion. Could the Big Ten kick out schools like Indiana, Purdue, or Rutgers? Would the SEC kick out a school like Vanderbilt? The lower performing schools are not in a position to win championships and they don’t bring in as much revenue or garner big TV ratings like some of their more popular counterparts. Yet, they still collect $75-100 million dollars a year from their respective conference media deals. It’s something to ponder in the future but we will look at it today.

Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes are like rock stars everywhere they go and they are battle tested and ready for just about anything they face in the NCAA Tournament. ALMOST, anything. Tune in to find out more.

Spring football is under way and power houses Ohio State and Michigan have big questions at quarterback. In fact, both schools have new coordinators and a slew of young signal-callers to choose from. So we will take a look at each situation.

Plus, Craig Shemon’s Locked on Big 10 will look at the final weekend of the men’s basketball regular season and make our picks!

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