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Big Ten Fighting to End 24-year NCAA Basketball Title Drought

The Big 10 has not hoisted a men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament championship banner since Michigan State won in 2000. That is 24 years. That is a long time. We’d like to make two observations here: A Big 10 team HAS appeared in the NCAA Championship game 7 times in the last 22 years. It is not like they have not been in the mix. They have just come up short. A lot!

Another observation, or an explanation really, for the Big 10 college basketball shortcomings in the NCAA Tournament might be Big 10 officiating. That’s right!

Is it possible that the conference officials allow physical play during the regular season? Then conference teams play with new officials in March, and the games are called differently. That can have a negative effect on a team. We will explain further on Locked on Big 10.

Tom Izzo and Michigan State basketball continued to win its opening round tournament games and the Fighting Illini saw one of its players put on a historic performance Thursday.

We also preview the remaining Big 10 teams in the NCAA Tournament heading into the weekend. We also look at the point spreads and make our college basketball picks. So click play and enjoy Locked on Big 10 today! And tell your friends about our daily podcast!

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